Pledge to help hedgehogs throughout 2020

Laura White
Laura White

For those who missed National Hedgehog Day – ‘what, you didn’t know? don’t worry, I suspect the hedgehogs didn’t know either’ – here’s news of enough tips and information to get you ready for next year’s special day.

The national campaign, forged by Hedgehog Street together with People’s Trust for Endangered Species, has given the UK 12 monthly tips that will show you how to help save Britain’s wild hedgehog population.

There’s a new ‘Hedgehog Street’ app to download. It will give you top tips every month plus a plethora of handy helpful hedgehog hints. It was launched on National Hedgehog Day, Sunday, 2nd February so is nice and ready for you to go ‘hogging’.

Grace Johnson, Hedgehog Officer for Hedgehog Street explains: “We know
hedgehogs are in trouble – we’ve lost 50% of hedgehogs in rural areas since 2000, which is a staggering amount. But, there are ways that we can all help.

‘Our monthly top tips ranging from leaving a shallow bowl of water out for thirsty ’hogs in the summer, to providing nesting materials and supplementary food before hedgehogs hunker down for hibernation, will be sent straight to your smartphone, making helping hedgehogs easier than ever before.

‘By having the Hedgehog Street app in your pocket, we also hope that anytime anyone sees a wild hedgehog, they’ll be able to tell us about it straight away by recording it on the BIG Hedgehog Map, via the app.

‘The more records of hedgehogs we get, the better we can understand where they are living and where they need the most help.”

You are also able to upload photographs, check

out the FAQ’s plus view the Hedgehog Gallery. We are told that there are many reasons why hedgehog numbers are decreasing in rural areas and amongst the reasons are: reduced hedgerows and agricultural intensification and in the towns: tidy and fenced-in gardens.  In all areas of course, there are road casualties.

An alternative to the ‘app’ is to visit the website:

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