Possible day release for prisoners

Laura White
Laura White

Prisoners from HMP Dartmoor and Channings Wood could be released during the day, a recent report by the Prison Reform Trust reveals.

The day release prisoners would be able to go to work in the hope that it would help resettlement and improve behaviour inside jails across the country.

Release on temporary licence (ROTL) has fallen in recent years but should be used more widely to include Category C prisoners. Trust director Peter Dawson said: “Carefully managed risk in the short term will deliver a long-term dividend in better resettlement and public protection. Prison governors should be encouraged to empty prison wings during the day and get far more prisoners out on temporary release to engage in work, training and education in the community, this would be a huge incentive to good behaviour in prisons as well as an aid resettlement.”

Prisoners that would work would pay a proportion of their wages while on ROTL release into a victim’s fund. Last year the scheme raised £1.1 million. HMP Channings Wood, Exeter and Dartmoor are all Category C prisons so prisoners are denied the opportunity to work or volunteer in the community.

This ROTL scheme is currently only available for Category D prisoners. A spokesman for the trust said: “With careful risk assessment, temporary release could happen for Dartmoor prisoners despite the jails remote location.”

HMP Dartmoor houses many prisoners jailed for sexual offences or long sentences for violence or more serious crimes.

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