Premier Inn hotels planned for Dartmoor

Ross Bryant
Ross Bryant

National hotel chain Premier Inn are planning new hotels for the Dartmoor area.

A council owned car park in Tavistock and a second site in Okehampton could become home to new developments from the budget hotel group.
West Devon Borough Council propose to build an eighty bedroom hotel on Abbey Rise car park and lease it to a “well-known hotel chain” to operate.

James Anderson who handles Property communications for Premier Inn told The Moorlander “We have a requirement for a new Premier Inn hotel in Tavistock and are looking for suitable opportunities as we grow Premier Inn across the country.”

‘As most Premier Inn customers book through the
website we can see the locations where people want to stay with us across the country. Locations close to Dartmoor National Park are very popular searches by our customers and as yet we do not have a big presence in west Devon outside of the major towns and cities.

‘We are looking for opportunities around Dartmoor including in Tavistock and Okehampton to respond to this customer demand. We have had conversations with landowners in the towns but are not committed to any particular sites at this stage.

‘We will happily engage and consult with the local community when we do as we believe we bring a lot to market town locations and always invest in new Premier Inn hotels for the long-term.”

As plans for a Tavistock hotel have not yet been finalised, official planning documents have yet to be published. The decision to build on the car park still has to be approved by the council if it is to go ahead.

Councillor Philip Sanders leader of West Devon Borough Council said: “We are delighted to have interest from a major UK hotel operator,” adding that the multi-
million pound investment in a hotel on Abbey Rise car park “would help close a budget gap of more than £3million a year” referring to budget cuts passed down by central Government.

The Tavistock hotel would create 35 new jobs for the town and if agreed by the
council, the lease of the building could potentially prevent a one percent rise in council tax from next year.

Premier Inn have not specified which site(s) they are considering in Okehampton.

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