Radio show started in local pub

Ben Fox
Ben Fox

A man from Dartmoor has started up a Britain’s only radio station that is hosted from a local pub.

Paul Hillier has set-up Radio Walkham, from the London Inn in Horrabridge, having moved to Dartmoor last year.

Paul said: ‘This is my way of giving something back, I moved to Horrabridge in December last year and this community is absolutely fabulous, you will have to kick me out kicking and screaming.’

The radio show went on air for the first time on Monday, October 2 and in the first week he had around 4,000 listeners. Broadcast online at the radio station reaches listeners all over the country — even as far away as Cyprus and Australia.

‘I am overwhelmed by the response,’ said Paul. ‘This has all been done at my own expense and Mike at the London Inn has kindly offered the building. At Radio Walkham we talk about anything and everything and we provide a voice in the local community.’

Mike Huda, proprietor of the London Inn, said: ‘We are a community pub and we like to be involved as much as we can.

‘We have given Paul a comfortable double size room with en-suite where he can hold the radio station, we have also provided the wifi and electricity. This is not a money making radio station this is a radio station for the community.’

Paul added: ‘I now want to encourage all the community, young and old, to be involved in the radio.’

To contact Paul, email: radiowalkham@gmail. com

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