Rally cars leave in a cloud of dust

Laura White
Laura White

They arrived with a roar and left in clouds of dust. A Dutch rally known as the Miles of Mystery Rally arrived at Chagford Cattle Market last week, to take part in time trials which involved driving around bollards at speed before crossing a finishing line.

Some 50 high performance cars took part which left the area a bit of a mess before the rally moved on to Liverpool.

The Miles of Mystery Rally is made up of rich Dutch drivers who hand over 8,000 Euros to partake in the rally, along with their high performance cars which are then transported to wherever – remember it’s a mystery.

The drivers turn up to Skipol Airport in Amsterdam and are given an envelope to the mystery destination where they are reunited with their cars.

In this case it was Exeter, and then the four-day rally began.

First stop, Chagford Cattle Market – not quite what the drivers, or indeed the market had expected.

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