Red sky at night, climber’s delight

Ross Tibbles
Ross Tibbles

This photograph was taken at Hound Tor at sunset on 19th September. I had taken up 12 Scouts to enjoy a climbing experience.

I hadn’t planned on climbing in darkness as the session was originally booked for summer but due to bad weather we re-arranged for September.

The event was planned and when we realised we would also be climbing in near darkness, we planned to bring bright lanterns, head torches and torches.

The results left us with an amazing experience and a potentially once in a lifetime opportunity! The sunset photo was by pure fluke.

As I was talking to an instructor I glanced over and saw the opportunity, so I cleared everyone out the way to take this perfect photograph!

We climbed with a small company “Crag 2 Mountain” which regularly takes groups climbing, caving and other activities of the like.

The Scout group in Moretonhampstead regularly take part in camping events and outdoor activities such as moorland walking, orienteering, camping, climbing, and plenty of outdoor skills and crafts.

We had an amazing time climbing with glowing responses from all Scouts and their parents, and members of the public who saw us climbing and the photos which were taken.

Words and picture by Martin Halliday

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