Revised plans submitted for Hatherleigh market

Ross Bryant
Ross Bryant

Revised plans have been submitted for a housing development and new market in Hatherleigh. The plans which have been submitted by developer Kingswood Homes have altered the design of the market after public consultation.

Kingswood Homes has revised its scheme with the changes also including a reduction in the number of homes from 123 to 102, the relocation of the market square, and a significant increase in car parking from their original proposals submitted in 2018.

The changes followed concern over the amount of noise and odour from an adjacent abattoir site, comments from residents that the amount of housing was too high, and that there was no appetite for a supermarket to be provided.

Plans to include the historic cattle market in a modern development in the town were met with some resistance. A campaign group was formed in response as concerns were raised about the practicability of the newly designed facility, located within a modern residential development.

The planners have cited concerns raised by the group in their revised plans, stating the following: “A covered pavilion is considered a real asset and an indoor area, formerly referred to as the Fur and Feathers building is also essential. The provision of small scale retail units to encourage independent retailers is also important to provide a vibrant market square.”

Charles Dumpleton who has campaigned against the proposals said he would be objecting to the them. “They appear to be of even less use to the community than the previous ones,” said Charles. Some residents welcome the development.

One resident told The Moorlander “I think the new plans will be good for the town, there has always been a market there but who wants a nice new house next to a cattle market?” West Devon Borough Council will decide the fate of the application at a later date.

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