Snowdrops raise funds for CHSW

Laura White
Laura White

The Belstone Friends of The Children’s Hospice South West are inviting all to Snowdrop Sunday at Andrews Corner, Belstone on Sunday, 13th February.

As the days lengthen so the Candlemas bells appear with increasing abundance. Known to most of us as snowdrops, these beautiful flowers are often in bloom by Candlemas Day,
2nd February.

Other vernacular names include February fairmaids, Mary’s taper and Snowpiercer. Apparently, their leaf tips are hardened to break through frozen ground and the temperature inside the flower, protected by the tepals, can be up to two degrees warmer than the outside temperature. Their Latin name Galanthus nivalis means ‘milk flower’.

Snowdrops can be in flower from September right through to the following April, but February is when they are at their most glorious at Andrews Corner, Belstone, high on the northern slopes of Dartmoor. There are well over two thousand different snowdrops in cultivation today, with Galanthophiles (snowdrop addicts) paying high prices for the latest find with unusual markings. Maybe you can help find an unusual new snowdrop in the garden and share the profits?

Why not come and spend an hour or two of your time with Lady Elphinstone, Lavinia, Cordelia, Heffalump and Wasp. Visit Tiny Tim or help find Wendy’s Gold. You’ll find them all in Andrews Corner Garden, Skaigh Lane, Belstone EX20 1RD on Snowdrop Sunday, 13th February, from 11.00am until 4.00pm.

The garden has many areas of snowdrops,
both common and the more unusual. Entrance
is £5, children free, with snowdrops and
CHSW goods for sale. Ample parking in a
nearby field with refreshments available all day. All proceeds will go to the Children’s Hospice South West.

For further information, contact Robin and Edwina Hill on 01837 840332 or visit or

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