Taking on the Forces’ challenge for charity

Ben Fox
Ben Fox

Three people from Dartmoor have completed a series of events for The Special Forces Experience, raising money for charities in the process.

Steve Lilley, Andy Perkin from Bere Alston and Tavistock respectively, and Steve’s partner Annie Waldron have been putting themselves through a series of gruelling events which are run by
ex-special forces staff in Wales.

Steve signed up to the events after struggling with anxiety and depression. He did a series of bootcamps in true SAS style, before going on to do a Fan Dance run across the Brecon Beacons and a point-to-point 28km march. He performed so well he was awarded his wings.
After returning home his friend Andy Perkin signed up to raise funds for the Derriford children’s cancer ward, a cause close to his heart as his own son had cancer. He has raised £900 so far. Jason Bowen, Director of the TSFE company, is ex-special forces himself and puts people through their paces that dare take on the challenge.

Steve, Andy and Annie are going to continue doing events for charities across Devon and are considering an 11 mile hike across Dartmoor in September. Jason has commented, saying; “It’s great to see Steve, Andy and Annie push beyond their preconceived limits and going above and beyond what they thought possible to complete the events and achieve their goals. Seeing the smiles etched on their faces when awarding them with their medals makes it all worthwhile for me and reminds me of why I host these events. They are open to everyone and have various categories. Male, female, young, old, Sunday stroller, endurance junkie. There’s something for everyone and a great friendly atmosphere.”

Steve says; “It’s been great to push myself physically and mentally to see how well I have recovered. I have put myself through one of the most challenging and gruelling experiences a person can go through, I faced battles with personal demons, doubts, and won.”

Andy says; “Thank you to all who have donated and there is still time to donate. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but I have learned so much along the way and am very keen to keep up the momentum and continue to do events in the future.”

Annie says; “The event I did was definitely a game changer in my life. I am now keen to get training in to do other events in the future and I am keen to do them to raise money for local Devon and Cornwall charities. One day I hope to do the Fan Dance with the weight these guys carry because, to me, they’re amazing!”

Anyone can sign up to do the events by visiting the website www.thesfexperience.co.uk.

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