Taking the Long View

Laura White
Laura White

Easter is a perfect time to photograph the Dartmoor landscape

With Spring well on the way and the chance to enjoy an Easter break, the chances are you will find yourself on a walk in the countryside and reaching for your phone to capture the moment.

But squeezing that huge view into a small digital image is never easy. Nine times out of ten when you get back home and take a closer look it all looks rather underwhelming. However, help is on the way. Professional photographer, Adrian Oakes specialises in landscape photography and has a particular interest in Dartmoor.

He has been taking photos of it for over thirty years and his stunning images sell in leading art galleries at home and abroad. He has also published three books on the subject: ‘Perfect Dartmoor’, ‘Dartmoor A Winter’s Tale’ and ‘Panoramic Dartmoor’.  “My memories of visiting Dartmoor as a child encouraged me to explore and this developed into a passion with the camera,” he explains.

Originally, he used to walk across the moor with a 35mm SLR film camera but progressed to digital as the new generations of cameras came along.  He now runs regular workshops and tutorials, trekking into the moor with small groups of aspiring photographers to coach them in camera techniques as well as teaching how to process digital images on computer. So, before you go on that Easter walk, make sure you check out his top tips.

Adrian Oakes’ workshop for Spring called ‘Dartmoor Discovery’ is now available during April and May for groups of three.
Visit www.adrianoakes.com for more information.

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