Tavistock struggle against slick Bradford Town

Tom Marshall

Given the current COVID-19 restrictions prohibiting the EFL from hosting fans, it was nice to see a decent turnout for Tavistock, whose fans were not put off by the drizzly rain on Saturday afternoon, which calmed down just before kick-off.

A late turn out from Bradford Town, who arrived at the stadium at 14:30, delayed the kick-off by 15 minutes.

Both sides started the game strong, with Bradford getting stuck into the challenges early on, and Tavistock showing their pace on the counter.

The first goal of the game came 10 minutes into the first half, with Bradford taking the lead through Charlie Walton’s low driven shot, hitting the bottom corner from just outside of the box, leaving the keeper
no chance.

Eight minutes on, Tavistock pulled the game back to 1-1, with a scrappy finish from Liam Prymm. Number nine’s right footed volley was saved by Radovanovic, before he regained the ball and slotted it home after taking it past the keeper.

Tavistock defender Robins made a glorious goal line clearance just after the 20 minute mark, deflecting a shot onto the crossbar and saving a certain Bradford goal.

Tavistock pursued a go-ahead goal through the first half, knocking on the door of the Town keeper, who more than rose to the occasion. Bradford fought to regain the lead, but neither side looked like converting a set piece.

The Toolstation Western League match was flipped on its head in the second half, with Bradford playing a very physical game, using their strength and size to an advantage. Ross Lye regained a Bradford lead in the 48th minute, after an ill-disciplined Tavistock side conceded a penalty, much to the frustration of the Langsford Park fans.

Robins will definitely feel the effects of the game in the morning, after the Lambs defender collided headfirst with the metal boarding. Luckily, he was able to carry on, after a brief check-up by the medical team.

Stuart Henderson’s men looked out of their depth, struggling to compete with the aggression from the Blues, coming second to every loose ball and aerial duel. They also struggled to break Bradford down in the second half, giving the ball away in the midfield and playing much of the last 45 on the backfoot.

Bradford’s Johnny Gorman saw his free kick converted by a Tavistock head in the 67th minute, extending Bradford’s lead to 3-1. The final kick of the ball came for Bradford town, who saw Ross Lye convert a second penalty, wrapping up a comfortable 4-1 lead for the blues.

Tavistock – 1       Bradford Town – 4

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