The Ballad of Mary Whyddon premiere

Laura White
Laura White

In the classic tale of Lorna Doone written by RD Blackmore, Lorna was shot dead on her wedding day, and in the story all the events are set on the admittedly beautiful and enigmatic wilds of Exmoor.

However, author RD Blackmore’s tale was inspired by the story of Mary Whyddon who was actually shot as she emerged from
Chagford Church on her wedding day in 1641.

The film ‘The Ballad of Mary Whyddon’ is to premiere in St Michael the Archangel Church in Chagford on Friday 11th October, the anniversary of Mary’s death in the very Dartmoor church where Mary was shot by a jilted lover.

The film has been adapted from the stage play written by the late Mary Morton and directed by Elizabeth Jane Baldrey. Many people have contributed to this exciting community project and the premier will be the exciting culmination of the last few years.

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