The Big Picture -Murmuration of Starlings – Nature’s free show

Laura White
Laura White

Last Wednesday I was chatting to a friend who said he had spent the previous evening watching thousands of starlings massing near Okehampton Army Camp on Dartmoor near the firing ranges.

With little to do that evening I drove up to the area he had mentioned. I arrived just before the sun went down, ending a beautiful day; as the sun dropped below the horizon and the temperature started to drop I saw one or two starlings here and there, then a few more, then even more.

Groups of birds started to come together as the light dropped then the group just formed in one mass swirling body of individual birds all moving at speed, weaving around on the horizon before disappearing into the darkness.

The whole amazing free show, known as a murmuration, lasted minutes but it was a sight I won’t forget.

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