The Big Picture – Nine Maidens

Laura White
Laura White

Photograph by Anna Curnow

I am a landscape photographer based in Okehampton.  I first picked up a camera many years ago while studying for my Art and Design A levels at Okehampton College.

After many years of doing little with my camera I decided in 2013 that I needed a creative outlet so picked up my camera again and started photographing Dartmoor. I find Dartmoor a hugely inspiring landscape. It is wild and rugged with majestic tors and dappled valleys with ancient woodlands.

It is also a landscape that contains many features of man’s interaction with it over thousands of years. Bronze Age circles, rows and settlements, industrial remains of mining and quarrying; it is an amazing place with no shortage of subjects to photograph. Whilst Dartmoor during the daylight hours is beautiful, after the sun sets it takes on a whole new look. The best nights are ones with clear skies with no moon.

The first night I went out, it took my breath away. The amount of stars you can see because of the lack of light pollution on the Moor is truly humbling.

As you see from this picture of Nine Maidens,
photographing at night can be magical.