The Big Picture: Photograph by Will Lamerton

Laura White
Laura White

I’m an 18 year old lifestyle photographer based in Devon.

I believe growing up and spending my childhood in a rural hamlet on the edge of Dartmoor is really where the roots of my work as a photographer comes from.
I was always into running and adventuring from a young age, going across all the fields in the vicinity of the area, exploring and taking in everything. I could never get enough of it.

Photography was never a career I thought I would end up following, stumbling across it by accident. Starting off with my phone and taking typical family snaps, I really discovered landscape and lifestyle photography 4 years ago when I took part in my local secondary schools Ten Tors team.

At this point, I was introduced to the immense scale and beauty of Dartmoor which opened up so many inspirations. For someone, at this time, that was in full time education and also worked part time, photography was my escape, my chance to relax, to be creative. I think that’s why it grew into a passion for me so quickly and overtook all other hobbies I had.

Taking photos more, I started to use Instagram as a way to show my work. Today, this is my main place to advertise and share and with 25,000 followers, it’s humbling the opportunities it has given me to pursue photography. I’ve met so many incredible people, even allowing me to do it as my full time job.

Today, the main inspirations for my work is travel, adventure and the lifestyle behind it. I love sharing how beautiful the world is and Dartmoor is still a key theme in doing that.


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