Laura White
Laura White

Eric Partridge – Publisher

We are delighted to declare May 4th a public holiday… well, a day for celebration at least, as The Moorlander publishes its FIFTIETH edition!

To celebrate we are giving Dartmoor’s favourite fortnightly newspaper a well-earned facelift.

The pagination will increase from 32 to 40 pages with the introduction of a NEW 16 page Lifestyle section entitled TM2.

The supplement will include major interviews with local personalities, exclusive columns on arts, green issues, moor outdoors and property, together with special features on health & beauty, executive motors, antiques, gardening and the taste of Dartmoor.

Launched by editor, Stuart Clarke in June 2016, The Moorlander, with its small but willing team has enriched the lives of so many people living in and around Dartmoor thanks to his lifelong vision.

Even now plans are already well-advanced to take The Moorlander to the next level yet again with the launch of a dedicated Crowdfunding campaign where YOU, dear reader can make a difference.

From day one The Moorlander has been financed by personal sacrifice and goodwill, and only recently has begun to be self-financing.

However, to maintain the high standard of editorial, production and photography you enjoy every fortnight, we now seek alternative, extra funding to develop the newspaper as a whole.

This includes the appointment of a full time reporter, additional advertising personnel, a creative assistant, upgrading our ageing IT infrastructure and computer equipment, the creation of an interactive website along with much, much more.

To coincide with the next issue on 4th May, our dedicated Crowdfunding site will be launched when you can choose to invest and play your part in the future development of The Moorlander.

Depending on the tier of funding you select will determine the rewards offered and will range from a year’s subscription to actual shares in The Moorlander Limited or a complimentary weekend for two at a luxury Dartmoor retreat.

For more details see next month’s issue, we’d love to have you on board.

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