Laura White
Laura White

Christmas is a time when families come together, but it shouldn’t be like this. Last Wednesday a few days before Christmas the small Dartmoor town of Chagford fell quiet for the funeral of Aaron Reilly a young man from the town who died in Hospital after a night at a Plymouth nightclub after taking MDMA.

His hearse arrived at St Michael the Archangel Church just before 11.30 that morning with the family and Aaron’s young friends and fellow skateboarders following.

Aaron’s coffin was carried into the church by his father Nick and brother Kian along with four of his friends, ‘All along the watch tower’ by Jimi Hendrix played, there was standing room only as people wanted to pay tribute to a fine bright young man who made one fatal mistake.

Joshua Brock’s brother, Liam attended the service, Joshua was the other young man to die that night. Joshua’s funeral is to be held on the 30th December. Jo Goddard spoke for the family about memories of Aaron as a wonderful young man.

Both Kian and his sister Rhiannon told of the high regard they held their big brother.

Paul Seaton-Burn, the Rector spoke of how we all had choices in life and as humans we don’t always make the right ones. The service ended and Aaron was taken out of the church, again by his father, brother and friends to the hearse to the theme from the Star Wars film.

As the hearse moved off Aaron’s skateboarding friends jumped on their boards for one final skate with their friend and skated behind some holding on to the hearse carrying the young man’s coffin.

Aaron Reilly was nineteen years old.

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