Very hip and very retro

Laura White
Laura White

It’s the kind of place you would find in Shoreditch or Hoxton in London or Greenwich Village in New York; very cool and hip and something really different down here on Dartmoor.

Siobhan Hayles and her husband Mat have opened a very retro lifestyle shop, café, and soon to be licenced restaurant called Rust and the Wolf.

The former car body spray shop and kitchen making workshop in Ashburton has been transformed into an Americana retail centre where everything is for sale, even the chairs you sit on.

The walls are covered with American enamel signs and Indian head dresses, and there is neon everywhere. Mat and Siobhan redecorated using all manner of materials including rusted corrugated iron.

Mat came up with the idea three years ago; he was already trading in Americana online but had the dream of a big retail outlet.

Rust and the Wolf sells plants, books, candles, cosmetics, jackets, rugs, signs, coffee and cakes and has applied for a food and drinks licence to allow it to open in the evenings. At the moment it is currently doing brunch.

Siobhan Hayles said: “Dartmoor National Park were very much behind us, as is the rest of the town, we are now employing a number of local people and hope to employ more.”

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