Victorian cottage hospital saved

Laura White
Laura White

The Landmark Trust has raised £1.5 million in just over a year to secure the future of the Winsford Cottage Hospital at Halwill Junction near Okehampton.

Contractors will make a start to restore the former cottage hospital which was built in 1914. The Landmark Trust saves notable buildings at risk and transforms them into holiday accommodation which will bring visitors to the area.

Anna Keay a director of the Landmark Trust said: “Some historic buildings are architecturally important and some have changed people’s lives. Winsford Cottage Hospital is rare example of a structure which is genuinely both.”

In 1898 Maria Medley a local philanthropist gave Winsford Cottage Hospital to the local community. Building contractors JE Stacey from Holsworthy will undertake the restoration to conserve as much as they can and return the whole building to its pre-1914 state.

Many babies were born at the cottage hospital and many First World War injured soldiers convalesced there. The hospital closed in 1998.

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