Village shocked after hall is trashed

Laura White
Laura White

“The show must go on” said Alexa Mason, the director of ‘Mapp & Lucia’, a production that is being put on in Lustleigh Village Hall.

Last Saturday the hall was trashed during a private party that got out of hand. The teenage party was posted on social media and gate crashers turned up and vandalised the ten year old hall; they broke into locked rooms and stole props, smashed up the gents toilet, pulled fire extinguishers off the walls and used them to smash holes in doors and walls.

Alexa went on to say: “The whole village is really shocked, we have had to replace props but people in the village have rallied round and helped by lending items to use in the play, although we did have a fake tiger skin stolen which is important to the play. Our props lady is working round the clock to get everything together for the opening night”.

A comedy of bad manners set in the 1930s in a small town, Mapp and Lucia demonstrates what happens when an Unstoppable Force meets an Immoveable Object.

The conflict between two women battling for social supremacy in a small town full of eccentric characters results in intrigue, deception, and hilarious rivalry.

Who will emerge as the Queen Bee? Alexa, who wrote the production, has taken stories from three Mapp and Lucia books by E.F. Benson and weaved them into a hilarious theatrical romp.

With live music specially composed by Will Carnell and an overall cast of eighteen, this production promises to be highly enjoyable.

The play was already a sell out before the incident last weekend

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