Laura White
Laura White

Photographs by Mark Burley

The Ashburton Charity Calendar is set to be launched next week and you will be in for a bit of a surprise as the whole town seems to have got naked for the 2019 calendar.

The brainchild of postmaster Stuart Rogers, the idea proved so popular that not just twelve photographs, one for every month were taken by town photographer Mark Burley, but he ended up taking pictures of over 50 naked people, one for every week, in almost every shop, store and business in Ashburton.

Stuart Rogers said: “We have a unique calendar that will raise much needed funds for our local charities such as Dartmoor Search and Rescue, Ashburton Community Care and The Barn Owl Trust.

‘The entire business community has pulled together to make this work we all got know each other a little better (perhaps a lot better in some cases).

“It has brought people together, broken the ice and we have all had fun; during these times of uncertainty for many high streets this has been a fantastic way to showcase what is great about Ashburton High Street. We are lucky to have so many independent businesses.”

Sophie Richardson who runs the Number 14 restaurant in Ashburton helped organise the calendar with Stuart, and said: “Stuart dreamt up the idea and told me to find a few candidates, by the time I got back to the restaurant I’d signed up half the high street.

‘Mark the photographer did a wonderful job and so quickly, he was out most Sundays and Mondays doing the pictures.”

The whole project was supported by the Ashburton Chamber of Trade. The Ashburton Charity Calendar launch takes place on the 27th October at the Ashburton Arts Centre from 6-8pm.


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