Where did Trump’s money come from?

Laura White
Laura White

A copy of Skagury Alaskan, an Alaskan newspaper, found its way on to my desk at The Moorlander last week.

Skaguay Alaska has a population of around 1,200 and the 28-page free local newspaper comes out twice a year, during the summer months. In this edition the headline and main story was all about the grandfather of US President Donald Trump and how he made the Trump family fortune.

President Trump has recently been embroiled in a row over race with Trump supporters chanting ‘Send her Back, Send her Back’, talking about Ilham Omar, the Democratic Representative for Minnesota who is a Muslim and was born in Somalia in East Africa.

But the Skaguay Alaskan looked into the background of President Trump’s grandfather and how vice and prostitution helped turn Friedrich Trump into a rich man and left a legacy that would span generations, leading to the highest office in America.

Friedrich Trump arrived in New York from Germany in 1885, aged 16, to start a new life in a new country where he started out as a barber. In 1891 Trump moved to Seattle on the West Coast where he bought a restaurant with his savings. As the restaurant was in the red-light district, it offered liquor and ‘Rooms for Ladies’.

By May 1898 Trump and his new partner made their way to Bennett, a bustling mining town during the gold rush in the Klondike at the time. Again, Trump set up a tented restaurant called The Arctic Restaurant which would daily serve food to 3,000 miners.

They served a wide variety of foods including strawberries and raspberries, and local meats including horse and moose. The Arctic Restaurant also provided ‘Elegantly furnished private boxes for ladies’; each ‘box’ was equipped with a bed and a set of weighing scales to measure out gold so miners could pay for the ladies pleasure.

In just three years in the Yukon, Friedrich Trump secured, with liquor, food, vice and prostitution, over half a million dollars that would begin the real estate business that would define the Trump family for decades to come.

Friedrich’s wily wisdom established the future of his family and that of his grandson, the future President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Friedrich Trump died in 1918 aged 49, a victim of the Spanish flu pandemic.

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