Whisky galore

Laura White
Laura White

A bottle of Macallan malt whisky distilled in 1950 and donated to the Chagford Recreational Trust back in 1989 is to be sold at auction in London next month and is hoped to raise between £3,000- £6,000.

The money will go towards the refurbishment of the club house which will include a new gym and equipment, exercise studio, changes to the bar and a refurbished kitchen.

In 1989 three bottles of the malt whisky were given to the trust when the playing field was straightened and a new club house was built.  Two bottles of the whisky were sold in 1990 for £800 and £600 respectively. The sale of the last bottle will go toward the £70,000 refurbishment which has been raised by grants and crowd funding.

The three bottles of Macallan whisky were donated by Keith Rice and Bob Jones who ran the Bullers Arms in Chagford, they had been given them as settlement of a debt.

The new gym and exercise studio will be opening on the 17th January.