Winter in Fingle Woods

Laura White
Laura White

Photographs by Paul Moody

Fingle Woods, captured here by Paul Moody, looks serene and beautiful in its winter mantle.

This year may have been atypically cold and snowy but it is always a busy season for woodland management.

The Woodland Trust and National Trust are working in partnership at Fingle to restore this ancient woodland; 825 acres in all, located in the Teign Valley on the Northern edge of Dartmoor.

Many of the native broadleaves were replaced with conifers in the 1930s and their work today focuses on gradually reducing their extent and encouraging the regeneration of native trees and woodland species.

Despite the aura of serenity, this winter has seen them busy on many fronts. One important piece of work has been actively managing the network of ancient boundaries that traverses the woods. These boundaries are species rich, home to rare lichens and mosses as well as woodland flora and fauna.

By removing the encroaching conifers, bracken and brambles this lets in more light, allowing these species to spread and flourish.

As spring arrives the chainsaws will be replaced by birdsong, wild daffodils and dormice coming out of hibernation. These changes are being made possible by the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and staff are backed by a team of hard-working volunteers. To find out more visit

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