Laura White
Laura White

Tim Russell – Recreation Officer at DNPA  
A new granite way marker stone has been installed on the Two Moors Way with the letters MW carved on it.

The granite marker has been installed at Crossways near Red Lake in the heart of the Southern Moor.

Youth Rangers Angus, Abigale, Alfred,  Martha, Sky and Jolyn and Junior Ranger Samuel, with some help, transported the quarter tonne granite block to the site and installed it on the trail.

A specially designed trailer designed by the conservation team enabled the extremely heavy stone to be transported safely to the remote area of the moor.

A shiny new 10p piece was placed in to the hole before the granite standing stone was put in to place to give archaeologists of the future a clue as to when the marker was placed there.

The marker stone helps walkers navigate this route, particularly in bad weather such as fog and low cloud.

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